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Our Mission

We love connecting with the caring members of our community and those who need our help! 


Laundry Love - Green Bay exists to meet the needs of those in our community who are low income, experiencing homelessness, unemployed, elderly, or needing a hand up in a difficult time by providing quarters and soap through our Laundry Love events at a local laundromat. 

We feel there is a great need to love our neighbor, and there is no better place to do that than our local laundromats. We believe that providing these services for those who need it means their own dollars could stretch farther and be applied to other personal needs such as gas, food, housing, etc. 

Clean bedding and laundry is a basic need for everyone. We want to help individuals, children, and families stay healthy by providing help in this area of need.

Please find our local events and be sure to like us on facebook!

Laundry Love - Green Bay is a registered 501c3.

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