Our Next Laundry Love Event:

November 25th, 2022
(Last Load is 8:15pm)

- Event information for our neighbors - 

Quarters, soap, and dryer sheets are provided for our neighbors


Each individual can wash 2 loads. Each family can wash 5 loads

(a family is defined as a parent/parents with children). A heaping laundry basket is about 2 loads of laundry. Load size will be determined by the Laundry Love coordinators. We also encourage you to bring your bedding which will not be included in the load limits. 

To participate, guests sign in starting at 5:15pm and the last sign in of the event will be 8:15pm.

This event is on a first come, first serve basis. We hope to bless those truly in need, and will make our quarters stretch as far as we can.

Please remember you are attending at your own risk,

** if you are ill in any way please DO NOT attend this event.**
There will be extra cleaning throughout the event, and hand sanitizing supplies available for use.


Please follow our event rules:
- No pre-loading machines
- No drugs, alcohol, or disruptive behavior
- Guests must remain present