Our Next Laundry Love event:

August 27, 2021
Due to COVID 19 there are temporary changes to our event, PLEASE read below.

- Event information for our neighbors - 


We will be managing the amount of people in the laundromat at one time. We have added an extra hour on to the event to help with capacity. 

Only one person per household will be allowed to attend the event at this time, if you need to bring your children please do so at your own risk. 

Bring only 2-3 small sized baskets of laundry as we need to make sure there are enough washers to go around.

There is a mask mandate for the state of Wisconsin. If you are not wearing a mask you will not be asked. 

At this time we are not weighing clothes, please come to registration table upon arrival. 

Your clothes need to be ready to go into the washers upon arrival. Our temorary process will be WASH -- DRY -- GO (we ask that you fold at home)


- Quarters - Up to $10 to wash and dry your clothing.

- Laundry Detergent & Dryer Sheets

Please remember you are attending at your own risk,

** if you are sick in any way please DO NOT attend this event.**
There will be extra cleaning throughout the event, and hand sanitizing supplies available for use.


Please follow our event rules:
- No pre-loading machines
- No drugs, alcohol, or disruptive behavior
- Guests must remain present